Hi, I'm Chris!

You can call me Christopher or Chris or even
“Oi, you” which usually works. I’m an Englishman
in Canada looking for something to write about,
stories to tell and donuts to eat.

With nearly a decade of experience as a writer, sub-editor, online editor, 
proofreader and copywriter, I live for creating eye-bulgingly good content.

I’ve had the pleasure throughout my career to tell some big brand stories for
Nike, Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter, Dom Perignon, National Geographic and many
others. YEEZY sneakers, Riccardo Tisci, Manchester City FC or orangutan
sanctuaries in Borneo – I’m happy to cover any topic, big or small and I’m
always excited to work outside of my comfort zone (which is pretty big tbh).
Send it my way and I’ll have something to say.

Aside from writing, I’m into scriptwriting, film, design, social media
(20k followers on Instagram and rising), weightlifting, exploring Canada
and donuts. But mostly donuts. The motto I usually live my day by is
“are you going to finish that?” but what’s more appropriate in this
particular case is my other motto – “There’s no harm in trying.”

Still with me? SMASHING.
Email me , call me or let’s get together on Linkedin .

Things I love
Lifting heavy things
Walt Disney World
Cups of tea
Super Mario Brothers
Horror movies
Apocalyptic fiction
Drag queens
Meryl Streep
The 1980s

Things I don't love
Doing laundry
Donald Trump
Being called “Craig”

Star Sign